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Are you looking for a great English course for your child?

With so many courses available on the internet it’s hard to know which course to trust.

And when you add this to all the other decisions we must make as parents, like which school is best for my child, what kind of activities should I give them outside of school, and how can I get my child off their gadgets?! Modern parenting is becoming a job for super parents. 

So in this article, we make your job a little easier by listing the top 8 English courses for kids in Indonesia.

How early should my child start learning English?

When it comes to learning a language, the sooner your child starts, the better. Learning English is a long term project. So the faster your child starts taking proper lessons, the better chance they have of becoming totally fluent in the future. However, if you haven’t had the chance to sign them up for English lessons yet, no harm done. Now is your chance to choose a proper course and make sure they learn English the right way.

The importance of learning English

English is definitely an essential skill that every child should have to succeed in the 21st century. Gaining confidence and fluency in English will give your child better job prospects when they grow up. And it may even lead to an opportunity to get a scholarship overseas and access to some of the best universities in the world! Check out our article.

In short, giving your child the gift of English will allow them to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams.

So let’s get started…

1. IELC (Interactive English Language Centre)

Established in 2006, IELC has quickly become known as one of the best English online and onsite courses for kids in Indonesia. IELC’s reputation for high quality courses stems from its highly qualified and engaging teachers, excellent materials and resources, and positive learning environment. One of the main differences between IELC and other courses is IELC’s communicative methodology. IELC’s goal is to get your child to speak English with confidence.

Parents can enroll their children either in group classes or private classes. In group classes, students can make friends and gain confidence speaking English with their peers. In private classes, children will get individualized, one-on-one attention from teachers and more flexibility in what they want to focus on.

With over 300 five star reviews, IELC’s popularity and reputation as one of the best quality language institutes in Indonesia is clear. So whether you enrol your children in online or onsite classes at IELC, you can be assured that your children will have a fun, welcoming class where they feel comfortable speaking English.

Course fee: $$$$

2. English First (EF)

EF needs no introduction and provides a number of courses to cater to different aged students, including young learners. It’s easy to see why EF is popular among parents. EF uses a playful approach in their children’s classes with lots of games and activities.

EF’s colorful textbooks, supported by multimedia resources make the learning process fun and engaging. And one of the main selling points is that children as young as 10 can enroll in EF’s homestay programs abroad, where they will stay with a host family in a foreign country for 2-24 weeks. With no choice but to communicate in English throughout the duration of their stay, students are sure to see an improvement in their English during this time.

For Indonesian students, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, London, and New York are the popular destinations for EF’s homestay programs.

Course fee: $$$$$

3. KELT (Key English Language Training)

This Surabaya-based English course is one of the oldest and largest English language schools in Surabaya. Established in 1985, KELT has multiple levels geared towards young learners, namely the rainbow program, aimed towards toddlers and focused on learning about sounds using songs and short stories; the yellow program, aimed towards first year kindergarten students and focused on writing the alphabet and building vocabulary; the green program, aimed at second year kindergarten students and focused on writing, reading words and storytelling.

Primary school students are taught grammar and the four learning areas of English (speaking, writing, reading, listening) and introduced to more advanced topics like astronomy and history.

Course fee $$$$


IALF is one of Indonesia’s oldest and most established institutions for English and Bahasa Indonesia language training. With three locations in Jakarta, Gading Serpong, and Bali, IALF also offers teacher training and is an official IELTS testing venue.

IALF Bali has a Young Learners Centre (YLC) designed for kindergarten, primary, and junior high school children. The Young Learners Centre is equipped with a great library, computers complete with fun language learning games and activities and comfortable and colorful reading books. IALF Bali has created the perfect place for children to hang out before and after class!

Course fee: $$$$$

5. I Can Read

I Can Read is an exclusively kids only learning center, accepting toddlers up to primary-school aged children. As the name states, I Can Read is primarily geared towards enabling young children to read.

I Can Read has three programs; I Can Read Discover, I Can Read, and I Can Read Plus. The first program is aimed towards toddlers and is geared at making young children comfortable speaking and developing vocabulary by singing and playing games. Storytime is also an important part of this program. 

The I Can Read program is a 12 month long course focused on getting children to read independently and improving their written and oral comprehension, spelling, and grammar.

I Can Read Plus is divided into two programs; Pre-Primary, which prepares students to enter Primary School, and English 1-6, which helps students with school and formal exams.

Course fee $$$$

6. Golden English

This Jakarta-based course provider offers a kids program geared towards primary school students, which is aimed towards improving children’s confidence, enriching their vocabulary, and introducing them to simple phrases. Golden English’s kids course curriculum has been developed with their school curriculum in mind, so it focuses on helping them excel at school.

Golden English implements multimedia based learning to keep students engaged and excited throughout the lesson. Parents can choose to enroll their children in regular classes, with up to 12 students in any given class. Alternatively, parents can enroll their kids in private classes, where students can have one-on-one sessions with their teacher.

Course fee $$$

7. Kumon

Kumon is a well-known course provider offering math and English lessons. Even though Kumon is mostly known for providing after-school lessons, Kumon also accepts students as young as four years old.

Young learners start by learning the letters of the alphabet, followed by words and finally paragraphs. At higher levels, they move on to more intensive readings like newspapers and short novels. Kumon believes that children need to learn at the level that is ‘just right’ for them, which means that children can learn at their own pace. This means that sometimes, Kumon students learn a higher-level curriculum compared to their school curriculum, for example, a child might be in 4th grade at school but is learning 5th grade materials.

Kumon’s English course aims to develop children’s reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. Kumon has centres in many of Indonesia’s major cities.

Course fee $$$


LBB LIA offers two programs for young learners: the Gelato program and the GEYL program. The Gelato program is for children aged 4-6 years old and aims to get children comfortable and excited to communicate in English. Gelato program students can expect a fun class consisting of singing, dancing, identifying objects, guessing pictures and other activities with an emphasis on physical responses to verbal instructions.

The GEYL program is for children aged 7-12 and continues to use TPR (Total Physical Response) mixed with storytelling, role plays and writing in every learning session to develop the core competencies of English (reading, writing, speaking, listening). the GEYL program uses stories in each learning chapter to develop students’ literacy level and inspire a love for reading.

Course fee $$


Choosing a reputable English language course for your kids can be an overwhelming experience. That’s why in this article we have discussed 8 of the best English courses for kids in Indonesia.

Of course, it’s important to do thorough research before deciding on a course so we have listed 8 things to look for when choosing an English course here.

Next Steps

Do you want your child to speak English with confidence and fluency?

So many children in Indonesia lack confidence when they speak English. They are worried about making mistakes and are embarrassed to speak in front of others. This is because they have been taught English the wrong way!

At IELC, we teach English the right way so your child can express themselves with confidence and fluency. Whether it’s online or on campus, we create a positive learning environment where your child will feel warm and welcome, where they can learn and have fun at the same time.

The best English course for kids in Indonesia

With so many courses available, it can be confusing to know which course to choose.

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Google, IELC is the highest ranked best English language course in Indonesia.

We teach English the right way so that your child can gain confidence and fluency.

With these skills, they can unlock their potential and fulfill their dreams!

Our experienced teachers will guide your child along every step of the learning process to ensure the best learning outcome.

As Indonesia’s #1 English Campus, we offer great courses for kids, teens, and adults:

Whether it’s online or on campus, we will help your child gain the skills they need for their future. Contact us to start your child’s journey towards confidence and fluency today!


Anthony McCormick,

IELC Managing Director