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The 10 types of teachers we all know. Which one is your favorite?

In the wild jungle that is the school system, teachers stand out as some of the most colorful creatures! Each one unique, and each one leaving an indelible imprint on ...
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Adult study

10 Benefits of joining an English course

Halo Learners! Has English language learning been on your to-do list for quite some time? Maybe you're an avid reader, thirsting to dive into classics written in their original language. ...
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Unlock the power of networking: 5 ways to make networking impactful

Hello, budding professionals! Today, we are going to talk all about networking. Let’s take your networking game to the next level! A strong network of connections is vital for building ...
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Why investing in English is the best thing you can do for your career

Do you want to know the best career booster? The secret weapon that’s going to make you the star of the show? Well, you might’ve guessed from the title - ...
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English Teacher and Kids on Online Course 5

The 7 best online English courses in Indonesia!

Want to learn English online?  Well, in this article, we discuss the 7 best online English courses in Indonesia… These days, more and more people are realising the importance of ...
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Kids Learning English Online

10 benefits of online learning for kids

The pandemic has changed the world and there’s no turning back. We have learned to adapt to online learning. But are you worried that your child isn’t getting the same ...
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