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The rich history of Imlek and Imlek Greetings for 2024: The Year of the Dragon

Imlek in Indonesia: A festival of cultural of significance Who doesn't love a colorful festival, brimming with joy, rich traditions, and mouthwatering food?  Today, we're going to dive into one ...
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Hauntingly expressive: 10 spookiest English idioms explained

Welcome, learners!  Halloween is just around the corner! A celebration of all things mysterious and otherworldly - pretty exciting isn’t it? But did you know that the English language itself ...
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Tweet, post, share: the dynamic world of creative writing in social media

Hello, learners! Still glued to your phone screen and scrolling through various social media platforms? Well, have you realized that you are actually being captivated by the allure of creative ...
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The balanced classroom: strategies for long-term student achievement

Welcome back, teachers and parents! This week, we're diving into the topic of creating a positive classroom environment and how to effectively implement classroom consequences. It's essential to recognize that ...
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Halloween traditions: discovering halloween footprints across cultures

Hello everyone! It's great to be back with you this October. Surely, when thinking of October, there's one exciting event that springs to mind: Halloween! Beyond the festive costumes, what ...
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The 10 types of teachers we all know. Which one is your favorite?

In the wild jungle that is the school system, teachers stand out as some of the most colorful creatures! Each one unique, and each one leaving an indelible imprint on ...
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