Online & On Campus English Courses in Indonesia.


Online & On Campus English Courses in Indonesia

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Online & On Campus English Courses in Indonesia
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Do you want to speak English with confidence?

Most people lack confidence when they speak English. They are afraid to make mistakes and are embarrassed to speak in front of others. This is because they have been taught English the wrong way!


Most English courses waste your time and money on useless exercises that don't bring results. Even worse, they teach you bad habits that are very difficult to unlearn. As a result, you become confused and lack confidence. This is wrong!  


At IELC, we teach English the right way. Our communicative methodology gets you communicating in English with fluency fast. And our experienced teachers guide you along every step of the learning process to ensure that you can speak English with fluency & confidence fast. We give you the skills you need to fulfil your potential and...

get ahead in life!

Why Choose IELC?

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Indonesia’s #1
English Campus

We have helped thousands of students achieve their goals, both online and on campus at IELC

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Work with our talented and experienced team of English teachers and achieve your dreams

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Our communicative methodology will get you speaking English with confidence fast

IELC Campus

Open your mind in our open learning environment

At IELC, we have created open learning spaces reflecting our education philosophy. We believe that the best learning takes place through interaction and collaboration. We want to create a positive dynamic learning environment where everyone feels welcome to express themselves with confidence.


4.9 Star Rating on Google Reviews.  Click Here to see our Google Reviews

“Bismo loves his English classes at IELC. I've never seen Bismo so excited to enrol for classes outside of school. But it's different at IELC because he's always looking forward to his lessons. He has gained so much confidence with his group and they speak English all the time together. I'm so proud to see Bismo grow and develop his English. Thank you IELC”

Bismo's mum - Solo, Indonesia

“Before taking IELC’s IELTS prep course, I was very worried because I didn't know anything about the speaking and writing modules. I knew IELC was the right choice for me because I read many good testimonials from other test takers and sure enough I began writing with ease and fluency! I had to work hard but it was well worth it. I can definitely say that hard work makes dreams come true!"

Michelle Jeovany - IELTS Score 8.0

"I discovered IELC on Instagram. And my parents decided to enrol both my and my brother in the online course. I really love my lessons at IELC. The teachers are great and the lessons are lively. My command of English, vocabulary and grammar have definitely improved. And my grades at school have even increased. Now I can speak in English with confidence. And my brother loves his lessons too!"

Fifi Alexandra - Bandung, Indonesia

"Before taking IELC's TOEFL course, I felt very frustrated because I didn't know how to get a good TOEFL score. But IELC has a great TOEFL course and great teachers. My listening and structure got so much better. Now I understand how to answer all the TOEFL modules and I understand TOEFL. I'm grateful to IELC for this"

Diana Gusti - TOEFL Course

"I feel more confident to speak in English since I join this course. Since now i have more courage to speak English to adults! This course is so helpful for me. The teacher is nice too. The class is very exciting and I always want to speak as much as I can. I like my classmates too because they are friendly. I love IELC!" 

Musa Tsabit - Bogor, Indonesia 

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    Choose the right course for your learning style 

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    Start Learning

    Start your journey towards
    fluency and confidence

Get Ready to...


Gain Confidence

Communicate in English with fluency and confidence


Save Time & Money

Stop wasting time and money on courses that don’t bring results


Get Ahead in Life

Get the skills you need for your future and achieve your dreams

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Are You Ready to Learn
English the Right Way?

Do you lack confidence when you speak English? Well, this is because you have been taught English the wrong way! When you are taught the wrong way, you can never gain confidence and you always remain confused. 

At IELC, things are different. We believe every child and adult deserves access to high quality English classes so they can unlock their full potential in life. We teach English the right way so you can express yourself in English with fluency and confidence.


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Choosing the Right English Course

With so many English courses available, it is hard to know which course to choose. We know our customers want to be sure they are choosing the right English course. 

Parents want to give their children the best English tuition so that they can get the skills they need for their future.

Kids want to learn English the right way so that they can communicate with others in English.

Teenagers want to gain confidence and fluency in English so they can engage with the world and prepare for university and life. 

Adults want to learn how to communicate in English with fluency and confidence so they can succeed in work and business in order to access to more opportunities.

IELTS Test Takers want to learn the skills they need to succeed in the listening, reading, writing and speaking modules and achieve their IELTS test target.

TOEFL Test Takers want to learn the skills they need to succeed in the the listening, reading and structure modules to achieve their TOEFL test target. 

Beware of courses that don't bring results!

Unfortunately, choosing the right course can be confusing.

Most of the free English material available online is of poor quality. Not only does it waste your time, it actually makes you even more confused and is harmful for your learning process. 

And so many English courses teach English the wrong way. You end up wasting time and money on useless language exercises that don't bring results. You end up feeling more confused and lacking confidence.

This is NOT right! And thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way. 

At IELC, We Teach English the Right Way

Our goal it to get you speaking in English with fluency and confidence as fast as possible. We want to give you the skills you need to fulfil your potential!

Our experienced teachers guide you along every step of the learning process to ensure that you are not wasting your time, money and energy on useless language exercises & wrong methods.

Our Courses

With our modern campus and technology, we are equipped to provide the best possible courses for children, teens and adults, including:

We offer our courses in group classes or private classes. 

No matter what your goals are, our team will help you achieve these goals by providing you with Indonesia’s best English courses!

Talk to our team today to start learning and take your first step towards success.