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Phonics adventures: the ultimate guide to teaching English to young children

Hi, Mom and Dad!  I am so happy to welcome you back to our blog!  Today, I want to share more tips about teaching young children English.  Specifically, I am ...
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7 steps to address behavioural issues in the classroom

Behavioral issues are one of those sensitive subjects that might feel uncomfortable to discuss. But trust me, it is important to discuss and address these issues so you can foster ...
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6 ways to teach young children English

Hi, Mom and Dad!  I am sure you are well aware of the importance of teaching English to your kids. Teaching your children English will ensure that you’re prepping your ...
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5 ideas to get your students to use the simple past tense

Hi, there, teachers!  If you are, like me, a TEFL teacher, you must have the same opinion.  That English, albeit its glorious status as the lingua franca, the international language, ...
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Don’t make these 6 lesson planning mistakes!

Have you ever done something spontaneously? Usually, it makes for a fun and exciting experience!  But that is absolutely not the case when it comes to teaching, especially teaching English!  ...
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5 class management tips for fun and productive learning!

As teachers, it's our job to make sure that our students (the next generation, no less!) can understand their lessons and feel safe and welcome in the classroom. It sounds ...
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