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New teacher’s guide: 7 common mistakes to avoid for a successful start

Hey there, budding educators! Are you ready to embark on the thrilling, sometimes bumpy road of your teaching journey? As a new teacher, it’s like stepping onto a stage for ...
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50 English exercises for young learners complete with answers 

Welcome, wonderful ESL teachers and dedicated parents! Are you searching for fun and effective ways to boost your young learners' English skills? Look no further! We've put together a fantastic ...
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Attention ESL teachers! Are you making these mistakes?

How’s it going, ESL teachers? Excited? Tired? A combination of the above? We hope you are doing well! After all, you have a legion of students who look up to ...
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The educator’s guide to managing teen classroom

Welcome to the ever-changing, always exciting world of teaching teenagers! As educators, we're not just teachers; we're navigators and guides through an educational landscape that's as dynamic as the teenagers ...
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Parents’ guide to stress-free English teaching at home: 5 tips you need to know

Welcome, moms and dads! As parents, we all dream of providing the best for our children, and in today's global landscape, being fluent in English opens a world of opportunities ...
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Teacher-student relationship

Welcome,teachers! Have you ever imagined a classroom where the atmosphere is welcoming, where teachers and students can joke and learn together?  That's the vision of a healthy teacher-student relationship. They ...
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