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Become Confident & Fluent in English

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Do you want to speak English with confidence?

Imagine having the fluency and confidence to express yourself in English anywhere and anytime. Your business skills would increase. Opportunities would open up for you. Your confidence would spread to other parts of your life and give you an advantage in life!


Unfortunately, so many English learners in Indonesia lack confidence when speaking English. They are afraid to make mistakes and are embarrassed to speak in front of others. This is because they have been taught English the wrong way and never developed the right skills!


At IELC, we teach English the right way so you can gain confidence and fluency in English! Our On Campus classes give you the skills you need to express yourself in English with confidence and give you the edge you need...

to get ahead in life!

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Get Ready to...


Learn English
the Right Way

Overcome your fear of making mistakes and being embarrassed when speaking English.


Communicate with

Get the skills you need to communicate in English with confidence and fluency.


Activate Your

Our communicative method will activate your English so you can get ahead in life and business.

Modern Learning Environment

Open your mind in our open learning environment

At IELC, we have created open learning spaces reflecting our education philosophy. We believe that the best learning takes place through interaction and collaboration. We want to create a positive dynamic learning environment where everyone feels welcome to express themselves.

English Courses On Campus For Adults

Adults Group Classes

Rp1.000.000/ month

  • 12 weeks
  • 2 classes per week
  • 50 minutes per class

We will guide you every step of the way so...

  1. You can speak English with confidence & fluency
  2. You will enjoy interacting in English with others 
  3. You will gain skills you need to get ahead in life & business

Adults Private Classes

Start from Rp3.000.000

  • 50 minutes per class
  • 3 course lengths: 10 sessions, 20 sessions, or 30 sessions
  • Choice of Mastery Module

Mastery Module

  1. How to master English writing
  2. How to master English grammar
  3. How to master English speaking
  4. How to master English vocabulary

3 Easy Steps to Join IELC

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    Get the right learning strategy to activate your English

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    Choose the right course to get the skills you need

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    Start Learning

    Start your child's journey towards fluency and confidence

Why Choose IELC?


Indonesia’s #1
English Campus

We have helped thousands of students gain confidence and fluency in English. Now it's your turn!



Our talented team of teachers provide you with the highest quality of English tuition in Indonesia.



With our communicative method, you will be using English with fluency & confidence fast!  


4.9 Star Rating on Google Reviews.  Click Here to see our Google Reviews

"Taking English lessons at IELC was one of the best things I've done in my life. I needed English for my university studies because I do medicine. And before taking lessons at IELC, I never felt sure about my English. But now I can say that I definitely have way more confidence about English. I'm so excited because now it's time to put the skills I learnt into action".

Faizah Nur Narendra - Solo, Indonesia

"Taking lessons at IELC Campus is really cool! The teachers are professional and the lessons are top quality. Apart from that, IELC Campus is such a cool place to just chill out - it's the perfect learning environment for me. There's no better place to learn English - believe me!"

Andhika Prahasta - Solo, Indonesia

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If you have any questions, please click here to visit our FAQ section or speak directly to our Customer Service staff via Whatsapp message or video call. We are here to help.

Are you ready to experience Indonesia’s best On Campus English training?

Many Indonesian people lack confidence when they speak English. They are afraid to make mistakes and are embarrassed to speak in front of others. This is because they have been taught English the wrong way.

That’s why at IELC, we teach English the right way and guide you along every step of the learning process so that you can communicate English with confidence and fluency.

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Did you know?

  • More than 1 billion people around the world are currently learning English.
  • English is the #1 language used on the internet. 
  • English is the # 1 language used by professionals and entrepreneurs

When you activate your English, you will engage more with the world around you and more opportunities will open up for you! 

Don’t waste your time and money on useless courses

So many courses teach English the wrong way. They teach you bad habits that are difficult to unlearn and ultimately you lose confidence. This leaves you feeling unprepared for life. This is wrong. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

At IELC, we teach English the right way so that you can gain confidence and fluency. With these skills, opportunities will open up and you will get ahead in life. Our talented teachers guide you along every step of the learning process to ensure the best learning outcome for you.

We believe you deserve to learn English with people who care about your learning. 

As Indonesia’s #1 English Campus, we offer great courses for kids, teens and adults:

Whether it's Online or On Campus, we will help you get the skills you need. Contact us to start your journey towards confidence and fluency today!