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Phonics adventures: the ultimate guide to teaching English to young children

Hi, Mom and Dad!  I am so happy to welcome you back to our blog!  Today, I want to share more tips about teaching young children English.  Specifically, I am ...
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Indonesian child

6 ways to teach young children English

Hi, Mom and Dad!  I am sure you are well aware of the importance of teaching English to your kids. Teaching your children English will ensure that you’re prepping your ...
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5 benefits of teaching young children English

Hi, Mom and Dad,  I am sure most of you know the importance of English fluency for your children and how it will benefit them in the future.  Yet, we ...
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Give a great introduction in English in a relaxed and professional setting!

Introducing yourself sounds simple, right? But it’s something a lot of people dread! Sometimes, it ends up making for a rather scripted or awkward introduction.  If you are one of ...
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10 best English courses in Indonesia

Nowadays, there are so many English courses to choose from!  While having options is always good, having too many options can cause a headache!  However, be careful when making your ...
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IELTS Online Course Student and Teacher iPad

6 reasons always feel discouraged when learning English and whats the solution

Greetings, English learners!  We get it, sometimes, no matter our intention (e.g., I want to learn English so I can have better career opportunities!) We still feel discouraged, demotivated, tired, ...
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