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10 Best English Courses in Indonesia

Nowadays, there are so many English courses to choose from!  While having options is always good, having too many options can cause a headache!  However, be careful when making your ...
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IELTS Online Course Student and Teacher iPad

6 Reasons Why You Feel Discouraged When Learning English and What To Do About It

Greetings, English learners!  We get it, sometimes, no matter our intention (e.g., I want to learn English so I can have better career opportunities!) We still feel discouraged, demotivated, tired, ...
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English Kids Having Online Class

Want to maximise your kid’s English learning? Check out these 5 great TV shows for educational fun!

Hello parents!  If you’re here, you probably have realised the importance of English fluency and you want to take the steps to help your children achieve it.  We certainly applaud ...
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Indonesian child

What is the best age to start learning English?

Did you know that this is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our students?  This is closely followed by a different, yet similar question, “is it ...
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10 biggest mistakes that English learners make

Are you trying to learn English now? If so, congratulations on taking the step to invest in your future! Being fluent in English will open up many opportunities, such as ...
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Staff Ramadan

Ramadhan traditions around the world

Hello friends! The long-awaited holy month of Ramadan is here! To our Muslim friends, we want to say Ramadan Mubarak 🙏 To celebrate Ramadan, we want to highlight some of ...
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