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English Student with Thumbs Up

10 biggest mistakes that English learners make

Are you trying to learn English now? If so, congratulations on taking the step to invest in your future! Being fluent in English will open up many opportunities, such as ...
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Staff Ramadan

Ramadhan traditions around the world

Hello friends! The long-awaited holy month of Ramadan is here! To our Muslim friends, we want to say Ramadan Mubarak 🙏 To celebrate Ramadan, we want to highlight some of ...
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On Campus English Lessons

5 signs you have a great English teacher

Do you know the expression ‘a red flag’ which means a sign telling you of things to avoid? Well, there are also ‘green flags’ and here are the ones you ...
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Tips and strategies to teach your kids English

These days a lot of parents are acutely aware of the importance of English fluency for their children. After all, if you want to be able to survive and thrive ...
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Kids Learning English Online

10 benefits of online learning for kids

The pandemic has changed the world and there’s no turning back. We have learned to adapt to online learning. But are you worried that your child isn’t getting the same ...
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class kids

The Top 8 English Courses for Kids in Indonesia

Are you looking for a great English course for your child? With so many courses available on the internet it’s hard to know which course to trust. And when you ...
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