An awesome work environment and
a rewarding job that you will love!


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Awesome work environment and a rewarding job that you will love!

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Are you tired of looking for your dream job?

Times are tough and so many people in Indonesia are stressed about work. They may be disappointed with the wages they are receiving, stressed by the uncertainty of their job status, or simply not enjoying the work they do.  

At IELC, we provide you with a steady job, personal and professional development, and the opportunity to make a difference to Indonesia’s future. So if you’re looking for a meaningful job in a great work environment, join our talented team and...

secure a job you love!

Are you ready to...


Join a Great Team

Work with dedicated team members 
in a great work environment.


Develop Yourself

Learn the skills you need to develop your potential.


Make a Difference

Work for an innovative company and help secure a great future for Indonesia.  

3 Easy Steps to Join our Team

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    Learn the 21st Century skills you need for your future

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    Start Working

    Join our team and help secure a great future for yourself and Indonesia

Why Work at IELC?

IELC English Teacher on Campus

Join Indonesia’s #1
English Campus

Get the opportunity to help hundreds of students learn English the right way.


Training & Professional Development

We provide you with the training you need to develop your full work potential.

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Work Environment

Join our innovative work environment and prepare yourself for the future.


"Reflecting on my time at IELC, under the mentorship of Nina and Anthony and the collaboration with exceptional teachers, I feel a deep sense of gratitude. The culture of collaboration and continuous learning at IELC has been a cornerstone of my development, both personally and professionally. I would go so far as to say Jonathan who walked into IELC in 2020 is now a completely different Jonathan who walked out of the building on his last day."

Jonathan Habiboe

"Working with IELC was a wonderful experience for me both personally and professionally. IELC always ensured I had more than enough support to enhance and explore my skills to the expert level. The staff are very helpful. All my fellow teachers are professional and they always put teamwork before everything. Furthermore, the directors, Mr. Anthony and Ms. Nina are the experts in their field and are very nurturing."

Nalurita Wahyuningtyas


Are you ready to get the skills needed to secure Indonesia’s future?

So many people in Indonesia are unhappy at work. Some are worried about job security. Others are unhappy with their work environment. Others still simply feel unfulfilled by the work they do.  

At IELC, we understand the uncertainty and concerns of the job market.

That’s why we offer job positions that come with a steady salary, a supportive work environment, ongoing training and personal development to get the skills you need to unlock your full work potential!

Times have changed and there is much less certainty in the job market, both in Indonesia and globally. In times like these, it can be difficult to feel secure in a job.

Sadly, this means many people work in jobs where they don’t experience true fulfillment. Many people aren’t using their degree or skills to help others and they lack opportunities to continue developing themselves professional and personally.  

We believe this is wrong.

At IELC, we work hard to make sure our staff receive ongoing training, enjoy a supportive & fun work culture, receive steady work and pay, and gain the opportunity to develop themselves personally and reach their full potential.

Even if you don’t work at IELC for your whole career, we want you to leave with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the next chapter of your life.

When you work at IELC, you can be satisfied knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of future generations!

You will learn essential work skills you need for your future. And the best thing is that your skills will be used secure a better future for Indonesia!

With our modern campus and technology, we are equipped to provide the best possible work environment for Indonesia's next generation.  

No matter what your career goals are, joining the IELC team will help you develop both personally and professionally and become the kind of hero that Indonesia needs!

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today to see if work at IELC is a good fit for you.