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English Students On Campus

IELTS vs TOEFL: which is best for you?

Do you need to take an English proficiency test to apply for college, a scholarship, or even a job? Or do you need to take IELTS? Or TOEFL? So many ...
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Which is the Best for You? If you’re planning to take the TOEFL test, you might find yourself wondering whether you should take TOEFL iBT (Internet-based Test) or TOEFL PBT ...
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TOEFL Students on Campus 3

What is TOEFL?

Are you planning to apply for a university abroad, or maybe a job or a scholarship? Do you need a TOEFL certificate for that, but you have no idea what ...
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7 Secrets you need to know to achieve your TOEFL target!

Do you need to take the TOEFL test but you don’t know how to reach your target score?  Well, it's not just you.  Almost everyone who has to take the TOEFL test ...
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