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The art of vocabulary retention: 6 tips to making vocabulary sticks

Welcome back, learners! Have you ever memorized lots of new words but then struggled to use them when you're actually talking? It's like those words just disappear when you need ...
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Inspiring quotes from influential women: celebrating Kartini Day

Kartini Day, celebrated every April 21st in Indonesia, honors Raden Adjeng Kartini, a trailblazer for women's rights. This special day is a powerful reminder of the progress made toward gender ...
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How to start thinking in English: 7 essential tips

Ever caught yourself in the middle of a conversation, mentally flipping through an invisible dictionary in your head, trying to translate your thoughts into English? Well, here’s the kicker: the ...
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Boost your vocabulary: say goodbye to ‘very’ + 22 examples

Be honest, are you guilty of using “very” too much? “Very” is certainly a useful word. It helps us highlight or emphasise particular things. The use of “very” is warranted ...
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Mastering countable & uncountable nouns: a guide

Welcome back, learners! Have you ever paused mid-sentence, unsure if you should be asking for 'more information' or 'more informations'? You're not alone in navigating the tricky terrain of countable ...
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7 practical tips to get better at English speaking

Hi, learners! Are you ready to jazz up your English speaking skills?  Whether you’re just starting to dip your toes in the language or you're aiming to polish your conversational ...
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