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Essential guide to reporting verbs in academic writing

Welcome, learners! Our topic for today focuses on a crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of academic writing - reporting verbs! Now, you might wonder, what are reporting verbs and why ...
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Mastering phrasal verbs: practical guide, examples, and quiz

Welcome back, learners! Let's talk about something that tends to give English learners a bit of a headache – yes, you guessed it right, phrasal verbs! Do you find phrasal ...
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English grammar: 10 pitfalls that keep you from mastery

Welcome back, English learners!  Are you constantly tripping over tenses? Trust us, you’re not alone! The challenges of English grammar are a shared experience for many learners around the globe!  ...
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10 common English idioms part 2

Welcome back, learners! If you've been on the hunt for a way to spice up your conversations or are just plain curious about the quirks of the English language, you're ...
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7 tips for learning grammar without feeling overwhelmed

Welcome back, English learners! Have you ever felt that learning English grammar is a daunting task, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened? Trust me, you're not alone! We've all been ...
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Discussion text: definition, structure, and example

Hello, English learners! Hope you’re doing well and still excited to take a deep dive into the world of English!  Today, we are going to learn all about discussion text!  ...
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