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Upgrade your lexicon: 7 simple techniques to improve your vocabulary

Hello Learners! We hope your week has been delightful, and of course, we hope your English skills are soaring to new heights! Today, we’re going to talk about lexicon! Ever ...
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Embracing the holy month: 15 Ramadan related vocabulary in English

Welcome, learners! The holy month of Ramadan is finally here! For those of you who doesn’t know, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.  It is a ...
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On Campus English Lessons

10 common English idioms and their meanings

Hello there, English learners!  Today, we are going to have some fun exploring the wonderful world of English idioms! Idioms are expressions that are unique to a particular language. They ...
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7 steps to write an effective scholarship motivation letter

Hello, scholarship hunters!  You might have noticed that many scholarships require you to submit a motivation letter.  But what exactly is a scholarship motivation letter? Simply put, your motivation letter ...
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Give a great introduction in English in a relaxed and professional setting!

Introducing yourself sounds simple, right? But it’s something a lot of people dread! Sometimes, it ends up making for a rather scripted or awkward introduction.  If you are one of ...
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6 Australian and New Zealand scholarships for Indonesian students – 2023

What’s up, scholarship hunters?  In today’s article, we’ll talk about Australian and New Zealand scholarships that are available to Indonesian students in 2023!  Australia and New Zealand have an internationally recognized ...
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