Kids Learning English Online

The pandemic has changed the world and there’s no turning back.

We have learned to adapt to online learning.

But are you worried that your child isn’t getting the same quality of education with online learning?

In this article, we’ll discuss the surprising benefits of learning English online. In fact, we’ll discover that in some ways online learning is even better than face-to-face learning.

So, let’s get to it!

1. Save time and energy

No longer do you have to worry about getting stuck in traffic while taking your kids to their English lessons. With online learning, your child can take their English lesson from anywhere, anytime! They don’t need to travel to a language institute or to a teacher’s house, and you might be able to save 1-2 hours travel time each week, which is great news for busy parents!

You can use the time to do something else instead and the possibility is endless! You can simply relax and take a nap, or cook a homemade meal for your family!

2. Interact from anywhere

Online lessons can be taken from anywhere! You can even be in another city or country.

Your kids can take online lessons from the comfort of their home on their laptops or tablets. They can even take them from a cafe while you’re having a coffee!

All you need is a mobile phone, tablet, or a laptop and you’re good to go!

3. Gain 21st century skills

The world has changed!

And probably the most important skill our kids need to succeed in their futures is how to communicate in English via digital technology.

There’s no doubt that the future will require interacting with other people online from different cities and countries online. Often in times of crisis, new opportunities emerge. The pandemic has unwittingly brought new opportunities to learn online and interact with students from all over the world.

In the process of doing this, our kids are gaining fluency in the two most important skills required to navigate the 21st century: English and digital technology.

4. Develop digital technology skills

With online learning, no doubt your children will learn a few computer and internet tricks as they have to be proficient in some digital learning tools to thrive in their studies.

All these new skills will be useful for them in the future as nearly every job now requires some degree of computer literacy. Who knows, your child might be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk!

5. Boost communication skills

Taking lessons online is very different from taking lessons in a face-to-face setting.

When communicating with people face-to-face, kids can use body language to help them communicate. For example, they can use eye contact to show exactly which person they are talking to in a group of people.

However, when interacting with a group online, they are looking for everyone on screen at the same time. This forces them to use more specific language techniques with other students, for example, by calling out names.

So, taking online lessons actually forces them to discover new ways of communicating with clarity and this boosts our kids’ communication skills!

6. Become confident

Many students are too shy to participate in discussion or answer questions in face-to-face classes, but with online learning, they can join discussions or share their thoughts with the chat function!

Introverted students often feel more comfortable studying from home as the environment is quieter and more lowkey.

So, the shift to online learning might be a blessing in disguise for our introverted children!

7. Develop critical thinking skills

With online learning, chances are your kids will get some classmates from different backgrounds and they might share new perspectives that makes your children think, “hey, that’s different from what I think!” This is good.

Through these differences, your children would be inclined to dig deeper into their mind and ask, “why, why, why?” This is good practice for your children in learning how to develop and express their own thoughts and opinions.

8. Parental access to their child’s learning ojurney

Studies have shown that students do better in school when their parents are interested in their education, and this is true from earliest childhood years through high school.

For parents of very young children (playgroups and kindergarten), being involved in your child’s education allows them to feel secure and confident, helping them to  absorb the learning material better.

For parents of primary, middle, and high school-aged children, parental involvement in their education is associated with higher attendance and homework completion rates, higher grades and test scores, and improved social skills and behaviours.

Online lessons are perfect for parents who want to see how their children are developing. Unlike face-to-face lessons, parents can choose to watch their child’s progress from the same room.

Of course, we recommend that over time, parents encourage their kids to develop independence by taking the lessons alone. But at the beginning of the journey, online lessons are definitely a benefit for parents who want to see what’s going on. 

9. Develop children’s independence

Because online learning is more self-paced, your children won’t have a teacher to constantly remind them to behave or finish their assignments.

They will need to learn to become more independent and self motivated. And they will have to make more decisions by themselves.

Eventually, your goal as a parent is to make them independent enough to organize their own schedule and lesson without being reminded!

This is a good skill to have that will serve them well into adulthood.

10. Flexible schedule

Many online courses offer flexible schedules to suit you and your child’s needs. For some, the most ideal time to learn might be in the morning, after eating breakfast.

While others might prefer doing their course shortly before dinner. You can find a schedule that works with your family’s routines, any day of the week.


In this article, we listed some of the benefits of online learning for kids. We hope you find it helpful. As it turns out, online learning has so many benefits so you can rest assured that your child is not missing anything by studying online.

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Anthony McCormick

IELC Managing Director

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