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The world has changed….AND….

Now, more than ever, learning English has become one of the most important skills you will need to succeed in the future!

So, if you’re learning English, then you’re definitely going to want to read this article…

8 things you must do to ace the IELTS Reading Module

1. English is the most widely learned language in the world

Although there are more Mandarin speakers in the world, there are more English speaking countries and that is why English is the most widely learned language in the world. 

In fact, English is the official language of a quarter of the world’s countries (53 to be exact!) 

So by speaking English, you can connect with A LOT of people from different cultures & communities and gain many, many perspectives! Isn’t that exciting?

2. English opens endless possibilities

English is one of the main skills you will need to succeed in the 21st Century. There are so many resources and courses on the internet and being able to access these FREE resources definitely gives you an advantage.

If you want to find out about digital marketing, computer science, medicine or even cooking, English is your number one tool. And did we mention that English is needed to apply for so many great scholarships, some of which we have listed here

3. Grow your network!

There are approximately 462 million native English speakers in the world and that’s not even counting second language English speakers. 

That’s a lot of potential friends! You will definitely be able to find someone who shares your interests. Making friends with people from other countries has a lot of perks. They might invite you to visit them, travel with them, work with them and help you with… English, hehe. 

4. Professional advantages 

There’s no question that having English will give you a boost in almost every occupation on earth. Are you in business? Perhaps you’re in IT or marketing? 

If so, you are in luck. With English, you will be able to communicate with work colleagues from all over the world. 

Working in the education sector? If so, English will give you an edge and open up opportunities to work in private and international schools. 

Working in medicine? Did you know that the majority of medical science journals are in English?

You will be hard-pressed to find a job that is not going to benefit from English fluency. 

5. English is the language of science and academics

If you want to study in the best universities in the world, you probably already know that most of them require an IELTS/TOEFL test score. And there’s a good reason for this! 

Most academic journals are published in English and if you want to fully absorb what you are learning, fluency in English is a must! English is also a requirement if you want to publish research or get a fellowship. 

6. English is the language of the internet 

Times have changed and now we have access to as much information as we need all with the help of a little friend called Google. And guess which language most of that information is in? You guessed it – English! 

So whether you’re trying to learn how to construct a building or cook an egg, all you need to do is google it. And your chances of finding the right answer are much much higher if you have English. 

7. English is the language of pop culture

If you want to connect with today’s most popular movies, television series, and songs, then you’re going to need English.  Watching films, documentaries and mini series with subtitles is simply not the same as watching them with full audio understanding. 

Translations are often a poor substitute. So, with English, you’ll be able to immerse yourself more fully with the things you are passionate about! You can even make song covers and fanfictions of popular movies, series, and novels in English to reach a wider audience!  

8. Food for your brain 

Studies show multiple benefits of learning a foreign language. Being bilingual gives you incredible cognitive benefits such as improved memory. In fact, earning a second language has even been shown to delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

This is because learning a language involves many different parts of your brain that are required to decipher speech sounds, vocabularies, grammars, sentences, and syntax. Learning a language is like giving your brain a workout! 

Fun Fact: Did you know that learning a language is one of the best ways to activate both sides of your brain!


We have discussed 8 things you need to know about learning English. And one of the best ways to learn English is to take an English course. 

Do you want to speak English with confidence?

Most people lack confidence when they speak English. They are afraid to make mistakes and are embarrassed to speak in front of others. 

This is because they have been taught English the wrong way!

Most English courses waste your time and money on useless exercises that don’t bring results. Even worse, they teach you bad habits that are very difficult to unlearn. 

As a result, you become confused and lack confidence. This is wrong!

At IELC, we teach English the right way

Our goal is to get you speaking in English with fluency and confidence as fast as possible. We want to give you the skills you need to fulfill your potential!

Our experienced teachers will guide you along every step of the learning process to ensure that you are not wasting your time, money, and energy on useless language exercises & wrong methods.

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No matter what your goals are, our team will help you achieve these goals by providing you with Indonesia’s best English courses!

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Anthony McCormick,

IELC Managing Director