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Why study TOEFL at IELC?

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IELC offers courses specifically designed to prepare students for TOEFL tests. These courses provide you with the most effective and efficient strategies to answer the Questions in the test and improve your TOEFL score.
There are two TOEFL modules with different formats and uses. IELC will help you decide which TOEFL module you need to take before enrolling in our courses. We provide free consultation to discuss your requirements.

Our TOEFL Course

Modules & Skills Acquired
  • Listening

    • Analysing questions & predicting answers
    • Taking notes
    • Listening for main ideas
    • Listening for specific information
    • Tackling different question types

  • Reading

    • Analysing reading passages
    • Recognising main ideas
    • Guessing meaning from context
    • Skimming texts for gist
    • Scanning texts for information

  • Writing

    • Analysing essay questions
    • Brainstorming ideas & planning essays
    • Organizing essay content
    • Increasing your writing vocabulary range
    • Increasing your writing grammar range

  • Speaking

    • Preparing & practising common TOEFL speaking topics
    • Improving speaking fluency and accuracy
    • Applying useful words and phrases into your speaking
    • Increasing your confidence in speaking

TOEFL Course Benefits

In addition to the course modules, students will also receive rewarding benefits

Extensive TOEFL Test Bank

Take simulation tests under authentic test conditions and utilize essential self-study and up-to-date materials to develop all module skills.

Student Support

IELC provides you with expert guidance and support.

Our expert team will diagnose your individual needs and help you overcome problem areas so that you can learn strategies and secrets you need to achieve your optimal TOEFL score.

Test-Taking Psychology

Learn how to perform under pressure and learn the secrets of test-taking psychology.

Self-Study Tips

Learn essential self-study techniques and optimize your study time in IELC’s Resource Centre.

Idea Development

Learn brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques and learn how to develop your ideas.

Flexible Schedule

You will have the flexibility to schedule your lessons and self-study sessions to suit your needs. You will receive instant feedback on your progress throughout the course.


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