Environment & Facilities

Open your mind in our open learning environment

Take 5 Café

Take 5 Café is located at IELC Campus. Take 5 Café offers a variety of quick and tasty snacks and beverages. Opening hours are from 12:00 pm to 18:30 pm. Drop by and enjoy coffee and quick bite during your free time.

IELC Resource Centre

Located at IELC Campus, IELC Resource Centre includes a library, multi-media resources and self-study stations. Students preparing for exams can access IELC’s extensive test bank materials for further practice. The library collection also includes fiction and non-fiction books for all ages.

Student Centred Classrooms

Our classrooms have been specially designed to create a warm, comfortable learning atmosphere that best reflects our student-centred approach to language teaching. When designing our classrooms, we paid special attention to accoustics, natural light and seating layout to maximise our students’ learning potential. We know that in the right surroundings, students enjoy their lessons more and as a result they learn better and communicate better.

IELC Campus Auditorium

One of the main highlights of the IELC Campus building is the auditorium. This auditorium was specifically designed taking in mind accoustics and natural light in order that audiences can watch performances and events held at IELC Campus in comfort. The ventilated roof is one of IELC’s environmentally friendly design features.

Kids Area

IELC Campus has a specially designed kids area filled with books, toys and lego where children can play and interact with friends before and after their lessons. The Kids Area is where IELC’s Happy Turtle Club organizes a range of games, crafts, activities and story telling for students aged 5 – 12. Please contact our front desk for more information on IELC’s Happy Turtle Club including the schedule of activities.