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spent a wonderful time to prepare for my TOEFL iBT. Keep up the great work

431 092_Billy Avatar
431 092_Billy

I live in Korea and I am an English teacher myself but I gave up teaching my own son. And my hometown friend introduced me to IELC. Even though I live far away here, I still choose IELC because anyway now everything can be done online. My son now is in his third private package. So far I am very satisfied with the teachers, their professionality of handling problem (when there is). I got one once but the owner immediately requested to meet me online and we solved the problem. I hope my son can speak English well in no time. Thank you IELC!

deb3012 Avatar

At first, I was so messed up with English. I am not confident in my ability to speak, write, and think in English, and I do not have any strategies for passing the IELTS test. However, thanks to a friend who advised me to take an IELTS course in IELC Solo, this course was short but educative, and it has been beneficial. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it. The content is well organised and focused on practical situations. The teachers are also very professional and very helpful, and the environment in IELC is very peaceful. In addition, I love the speaking squad session because it makes me feel confident in saying everything in English. I hope I can have another chance to take an English course here. I am really thankful to all the teachers who have contributed to improving my IELTS skills up to this point. Last but not least, thanks to IELC!

Dewa Bintang Avatar
Dewa Bintang

The problems i had before taking lessons at IELC are my troubles in speaking and writing. So, by taking lessons, i believe that the teachers and and teaching system would help me improve my troubles and achieve the scores i want for ILETS exam. I feel pretty satisfied after taking the course even tho i only studied there for like 2 week because i improve a lot in my speaking and writing abilities also achieve a high score in IELTS.

zia Avatar

Setelah mengikuti les di IELC kemampuan inggris saya semakin baik. Kemudian, saya lebih paham bagaimana cara mengerjakan tes IELTS sehingga dapat mencapai target yang diinginkan. Pengajar di IELC juga baik2 dan ahli dalam bidangnya. Terima kasih IELC

Dito Meidito Avatar
Dito Meidito

IELC is the best place to hone your skills in the IELTS examination. I really like the methods of giving us assignments before the class and reviewing them together later on. This way, we can find out our mistakes and improve our skills as well. This is the best place for me and I am thankful for all teachers that contribute to improving my IELTS skills up to this point.

Dyanti PrimPut Avatar
Dyanti PrimPut

Before taking IELC's IELTS Prep Course, I was confused about this IELTS Test because of the lack of information dan materials. I chose IELC because of their experience and IELC has so many great teachers who helped me to reach my score. I developed new strategies and tips from them. Now, I'm more confident and I achieved my target, so I can continue my studies to university.

Patrick Alvaro Avatar
Patrick Alvaro

Terimakasih banyak untuk IELC , setelah kursus di IELC anak saya jd percaya diri , aktif , bisa berbahasa inggris , guru - guru nya bagus bangett,, thank you untuk bimbingannya...

Husna Gerintia Avatar
Husna Gerintia

teachernya sangat interaktif. untuk kelas bisa secara daring atau luring. untuk luring tempatnya sepertinya cozy sekali

resti marlina Avatar
resti marlina

IELC merupakan tempat yg tepat utk mengasah kemampuan bahasa Inggris hingga mahir. Guru2nya mumpuni serta ramah sehingga para muridnya selalu bersemangat dlm belajar.Sukses selalu IELC

Sari Anisa Avatar
Sari Anisa

IELC has great teachers, The teachers are really nice and teach very well! IELC is a very nice place to learn english, grammar and more. Thank you IELC!

M Hartanto Avatar
M Hartanto

Beautiful place with so many space. It’s the right place to maximize our children for english course,,

Pipit Arianto Avatar
Pipit Arianto

Hi, I'm Mama Mikha, my son Mikha is studying here. This is a great place to learn English. The teacher is good and the class is comfortable

Peppy Pepo Avatar
Peppy Pepo

As one of IELC students, I have developed a lot of my english skills. All the teacher so friendly and insightful. The best English course for students and employees. The place also very cozy.

Oktavia Ayu Nugraheni Avatar
Oktavia Ayu Nugraheni

Verry friendly stuff, my son can improove his english since start doing course in IELC . Highly recomend.

Watie Turner Avatar
Watie Turner

At first, I was so confused for preparing my IELTS Test. But by joining IELC to prepare for my IELTS, it really helps me to improve my English especially in my writing. They gave me a lot of strategies to prepare for my IELTS test. The teachers are also very helpful and friendly in teaching me. Thanks to IELC for helping me to achieve my dream.

Olivia Hartono Avatar
Olivia Hartono

Sebelum mengikuti kursus di IELC saya merasa tidak percaya diri dengan kemampuan bahasa inggris saya ditambah lagi saya harus mengambil tes TOEFL dalam waktu yg dekat. Setelah mengkuti kursus di IELC saya merasa kemampuan bahasa inggris saya meningkat dan siap untuk menghadapi tes TOEFL. Karena, pembelajaran di IELC diajarkan dengan cara privat sehingga pengajar lebih memahami kekurangan yg harus saya improve serta diberikan trik untuk mengerjakan soal2 TOEFL dan tentunya dipantau dengan adanya skill building sebelum dilakukan kelas. Dan terakhir saya ucapkan terimakasih IELC telah memberikan pengalaman belajar bahasa inggris yg menyenangkan

ari sulistyowati Avatar
ari sulistyowati

The best place to learn and gain knowledge about English language in any ways. Interactive methode, good teacher, and also friendly staff which is really helpful to student. Since the pandemic, I only met my tutors via zoom and I was so lucky to have them at all. Before I joined with IELC, my english was awful, so many incorrect sentences, allergic to long-word english articles, and also I didn’t have confident to speak. Now, I achived my target as well. Thank you IELC, you’re always doing great!

Eka Puspita Sari Avatar
Eka Puspita Sari

Terima kasih utk IELC... Miss nia maa syaa Allah sangat baik, perhatian, dan paham akan perkembangan anak...Selama kurang lebih 2thn di masa pandemi anak saya mengikuti kelas online, sudah banyak sekali perkembangan seperti percaya dirinya bertambah, bisa berbicara bahasa Inggris dengan nyaman walaupun masih campur2, sangat mampu mengerti apa yg di ajarkan oleh pengajar di ielc secara online... Krn kelas selalu aktif, menyenangkan... Thank you so much utk segala bimbingan nya selama ini utk bani miss❤❤❤

Dzahabi Gunawan Avatar
Dzahabi Gunawan

Since I take a course here, my IELTS score improving a lot. Thank you IELC 👍

Anthonio Martono Avatar
Anthonio Martono

Selama les di IELC kemampuan saya dalam berbahasa Inggris jauh lebih meningkat, selain itu teacher yang mengajar juga sangat baik dan gak bikin bosen saat belajar. Semua pelayanannya juga memuaskan banget

Adinda Putri Aisyah Avatar
Adinda Putri Aisyah

it's good, but the homework is little to much, overall 👍👍,the teacher is so kind and how they teaching is patiently

Razan Surya Avatar
Razan Surya

IELC provides very good services and learning process. The teachers are all very friendly and kind. I do enjoy studying here and thanks to IELC I could get the target score for my IELTS certificate.

nawad fauziyah muna Avatar
nawad fauziyah muna

The most recommended place when you need an IELTS course. The tutors are very helpful, and the friendliest! They surely knew where I needed to improve the most. They gave lots of tricks and tips to pass my target score in the IELTS test. I never found studying so fun until I came here, I didn’t find the sessions boring even the slightest.

Shofia Vilina RIanda Avatar
Shofia Vilina RIanda

thankyou, I got overall 6.5 with only 2 weeks preparation ???????? (unexpectedly I got reading score 7.5 bcs of some tips from the teacher !) Thankyou so much..

m sophie Avatar
m sophie

Mendapat banyak trick dan tips untuk mengerjakan soal ielts dan juga materi soal untuk latihan. Sangat recommended ????

Adam Mahardhika Avatar
Adam Mahardhika

A great atmosphere to study and develop my English skill. The teachers give a constructive feedbacks and the teaching methods are very understandable.

Rafi Al Hafizh Avatar
Rafi Al Hafizh

Before taking the IELTS lesson by IELC, I didn't know how to do the IELTS exam, which made me doubt whether I am capable of taking the test or not. However, with the help of experienced teachers and the helpful materials provided by the IELC, I was able to gain confidence, achieve my goals, and get the grades I wanted. Thank you IELC!

felicia aline Avatar
felicia aline

Selama mengikuti Les di IELC saya merasa kemampuan bahasa Inggris saya meningkat, guru"nya yang ngajar sangat baik, perhatian dan komunikatif jadi tidak merasa bosan saat mengikuti kelas

Karina Ayu Rahmawati Avatar
Karina Ayu Rahmawati

Hi guys, saya dulu takut dan merasa gak pede untuk berbicara english melalui kursus privat yg saya ikuti saya merasa mempelajari banyak grammar untuk persiapan mengikuti IELTS, guru guru disana mempunyai tips dan trik untuk belajar denganlebih mudah.saya harap IELC terus maju .

Anton Sutanto Avatar
Anton Sutanto

Tempatnya enak, gurunya jugaa baik dan asik2, materinya juga gampang untuk dipelajari, nyaman deh pokoknya!

wisnu putra Avatar
wisnu putra

A great atmosphere to study and develop my English skill. The teachers give a constructive feedbacks and the teaching methods are very understandable.

Sulthan Rafi Al Hafizh Avatar
Sulthan Rafi Al Hafizh

Pengalaman yang anti mainstream buat saya karena selama jam pelajaran ngg ngebosenin pengajarnya ramah, sabar, dan komunikatif. Selain itu jadwal pun fleksibel sekali dan mudah diatur karena CS nya juga baik baik. Materi yang disampaikan pun sangat mudah dimengerti karena pengajarnya yang berpengalaman. Thank You IELC

ki ki Avatar
ki ki

before i met ielc, i felt frustrated because i did not know about ielts. Then i met ielc and i know it was the right place for studying english

Kevin Sebastian Avatar
Kevin Sebastian

The learning methods of the IELC are highly recommended for every students who wants to learn English with more convenience and increasing confidence, the building and the accommodation are excellent and the service is outstanding

Daniel Erwin Varianto Avatar
Daniel Erwin Varianto

IELC is a very recomended english course the staffs are very profesional and friendlly the teachers a re fun and they know how to teach the students in a fun and interactive way

Kevin Santosa Avatar
Kevin Santosa

Before taking the IELTS Preparation Course in IELC, I had no confidence because I had 0 knowledge about IELC and that’s why I chose IELC because IELC is the expert in IELTS and the teachers in IELC were really supportive as well. Then I realized that IELC was really helpful when my reading skills improved significantly. Now, I became more confident in my English after takung the prep course in IELC.

slothie xx Avatar
slothie xx

Selama les di IELC rasanya seneng karena bisa kenal guru” baru yg super nice dan totalitas saat mengajar. pengetahuan bhs Inggris jadi berkembang banyak setelah les di IELC. ????

Georgia Faith Setiawan Avatar
Georgia Faith Setiawan

I've been here since i was a kid. The teachers are so professional and the lessons are always high quality. I reccomend anyone to send their kids to IELC if they want to learn english

Dylan Avatar

Para guru the best deh kalau waktu les karena engga bikin bosen dan mereka sabar sekali untuk menjelaskan bahan materi berkali-kali kepada saya yang lemot ini. CS nya pun juga membantu banget disaat saya bingung harus ngapain aja. dan enaknya les di IELC bisa atur jam/hari sendiri jadi lebih fleksibel. Well done, thank you IELC!

Theyya Avatar