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A complete English solution

Young Learners

Starting early makes it easy

In their primary years, children are much more open to participating in communication activities like speaking and role-play and they love talking! We encourage your child to think and talk about the world around them. Our approach builds on your child’s natural abilities and helps develop accurate speaking skills from a young age so that your child will always love speaking English. Don’t wait any longer, starting early makes it easy!


Being smart is still cool!

What are our aims for our teenagers? First, we’ll get you speaking English with confidence. Second, we’ll help you find your individual learning style so you can stay motivated. Third, we’ll help you improve your fluency, expand your vocabulary and practice the language skills you’ll need for your future. Be independent, be creative, be smart and join us now!


Speak English fluently and confidently

When it comes to speaking English, many people get nervous. They’re afraid of making mistakes and they lack confidence. Does this sound like you?
Learning a language is not as difficult as you think, you just need the right course. We will teach you the specific techniques and tips you need to start using English with fluency and confidence. Visit us and start a conversation now!


Get ahead in business

Do you ever need to conduct business in English? IELC’s English for Business Course will provide you with the skills you need to communicate effectively in a range of business contexts. From everyday business situations to specific industrial and commercial needs, our programs will give you an important edge in your work. Visit us to start getting ahead in business now!

Personalized Courses

We have the right program for you

IELC specializes in private tuition. Whatever your needs are, wherever your career is taking you – we have the right program for you, be it in the field of business, law, medicine, aviation, marketing, preparing for university or SAT exams. We will customize and design your course to get you the result you want.

IELTS Preparation

Make your move, achieve your target

IELC is the leading language school in Central Java for preparing students to take the IELTS test and we have the best track record for helping our students reach their IELTS targets. Our expert team will diagnose your individual needs and help you overcome problem areas so you can learn the strategies and secrets you need to achieve your optimal IELTS score. Join the hundreds of students who have achieved success with IELC.

TOEFL Preparation

Get the result you need

Thinking about taking a TOEFL test? Need to improve your TOEFL score? IELC offers TOEFL preparation courses to provide you with the most effective and efficient strategies to answer the questions and improve your TOEFL score.
TOEFL iBT and paper-based TOEFL have different formats so before you choose your program, come in for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.