IELTS Speaking Tip: “Building mindmaps helps in building ideas”

“I don’t know what to say!”


Have you ever experienced that when being asked a question, especially one about a topic you are not familiar with? Or, maybe you got nervous and were suddenly lost for words? If yes, what can you do to be better prepared?

The answer is: BUILD MINDMAPS




Do not be overwhelmed by the idea that building mind maps is time-consuming. Basically, you just write down every single idea that you have in relation to the given topic. It does not always have to be organized.


So, how do you start?


Start with a topic. Put it in a circle, or cloud if you like clouds better than circles. After that, think of words connected to the topic and list them around the main circle/cloud. Then, think of some more ideas related to the list, and put them in connection to the relevant ones in the list. It is hard to imagine? Don’t worry, look at the example below.



















Now, how do you practice?


Use this mind map to help you build and organize ideas. The mind map above can result in answer like this:

“Local festivals in Solo? I think one of the popular ones is Solo Batik Carnival. It is held annually to appreciate the inheritance of batik culture and also to generate creativity in designing outfits from different materials using different batik patterns. The participants compete for the best outfit and they display their designs in a street parade, along the main street of Slamet Riyadi.”

Now, what about trying to build your own mind map and use it in speaking?




Some topics you can try with:

  1. Watching TV (sample question: How often do you watch television?)
  2. Future studies (sample question: Do you plan to continue your studies?)
  3. Reading habits (sample question: What type of reading material do you usually read?)
  4. Hometown (sample question: What do you like most about your hometown?)