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Why study IELTS at IELC?

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IELC is the leading language school in Central Java for preparing students to take the IELTS test and we have the best track record for helping our students reach their IELTS goals. Join the hundreds of students who have achieved their goals with IELC!

Our IELTS Course

Modules & Skills Acquired
  • Listening

    • Learn how to listen for main ideas and arguments
    • Learn how to listen for specific information
    • Learn how to tackle different question types

  • Reading

    • Learn how to skim read and scan texts
    • Learn how to identify opinions and ideas
    • Learn how to locate specific information

  • Writing

    • Learn how to brainstorm and mind-map ideas
    • Increase your vocabulary range
    • Increase your grammatical accuracy

  • Speaking

    • Learn IELTS topic-specific vocabulary
    • Learn how to speak with confidence and fluency
    • Learn a range of cohesive speaking devices

IELTS Course Benefits

In addition to the course modules, students will also receive rewarding benefits

Extensive IELTS Test Bank

Take simulation tests under authentic test conditions and utilize essential self-study and up-to-date materials to develop all module skills.

Student Support

IELC provides you with expert guidance and support.

Our expert team will diagnose your individual needs and help you overcome problem areas so that you can learn strategies and secrets you need to achieve your optimal IELTS score.

Test-Taking Psychology

Learn how to perform under pressure and learn the secrets of test-taking psychology.

Self-Study Tips

Learn essential self-study techniques and optimize your study time in IELC’s Resource Centre.

Idea Development

Learn brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques and learn how to develop your ideas.

Flexible Schedule

You will have the flexibility to schedule your lessons and self-study sessions to suit your needs. You will receive instant feedback on your progress throughout the course.


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