Online teacher 9

Hey there, teachers and aspiring teachers!

Have you ever attended an online job interview?

Considering you are reading this article, 

I’d bet your head is full of all kinds of worst case scenarios that can happen to you during a virtual interview!

Sure, online interviews have their perks (who wouldn’t want to rock their fave boxers during a professional chat, right?)

But just like every silver lining, there’s a cloud of challenges lurking nearby.

It turns out, many jobseekers (yes, we’re talking to you) can be a bit, well, inexperienced when it comes to these virtual face-offs. 

And that’s not doing your future career any favors. Yikes!

So, to help you close the gap between you and the job of your dreams, let’s dive into 10 common faux pas you might be making (or have made) in your online interviews. 

It’s time to level up!

1. Having a bad connection 

Here’s a pro tip: Give your internet connection a little test run the day before, and then again an hour before showtime.

Trust us, there’s nothing that can rain on your first impression parade quite like that pesky loading icon!

Moreover, nothing is free in this world. 

You need to invest if you want to secure a good career. 

Get yourself some quota from the most trustworthy provider you can lay your hands on!

And while you’re at it, make sure your camera and microphone are working like a charm!

Turning off your camera during an interview is a big no-no, and it won’t do you any favors in the getting-hired department.

Let’s get that tech in tip-top shape and dazzle ’em with your skills! 

2. Wearing the t-shirt you slept in the night before. 

Still in line with the first point above. 

It’s a formal occasion. 

Do show some respect, (although, in this case, you may wear your pyjamas onthe bottom if you feel like it. As long as they’re not seen on camera, who cares).

Put on some make up, not too much, just enough to refresh your look. 

3. Being in a noisy place with a lot of disruptions. 

If you have kids or doting pets, lock them out! 

Or lock yourself in. Whichever works best. 

And don’t go to a noisy cafe, no matter how good the wifi is. 

4. Being late 

Punctuality is key!

In fact, showing up a few minutes early not only helps you feel more prepared (hello, confidence boost!), but it also gives you a bit of a secret edge over any competitors who might be running late. Sneaky, right? 

So, set that trusty alarm, prep your go-to good luck charms, and be ready to make your grand entrance into the virtual interview world like the timely rockstar you are. 

It’s time to show them that you’re serious, reliable, and oh-so-punctual! 

5. Having a messy background 

Don’t show off your dirty laundry. 

Or your messy bedroom. 

First things first, declutter that space like a boss. A clean, organized background will show your potential employer that you’ve got your life together (even if it’s just for the interview, we won’t tell ;) 

Plus, a distraction-free zone will let your amazing personality and skills take center stage. 

6. Don’t multitask during your interview 

Yes, we know when you are switching between tabs.

And we need you to stop!

Staying laser-focused on your interviewer and the conversation at hand is super important, and here’s why:

  • Respect speaks volumes: Paying full attention to your interviewer sends a clear message that you respect their time and are genuinely interested in the opportunity. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m here, and I’m all in!”
  • Connection is key: Building rapport with your interviewer is much easier when you’re actively engaged in the conversation. Making eye contact, nodding along, and reacting appropriately to their questions will help create a positive connection 
  • No missed details: Multitasking during your interview increases the risk of missing crucial information  or not fully understanding a question. By focusing solely on the interview, you’ll be better equipped to absorb important details and respond with thoughtful, well-informed answers.

7. Speaking too fast, too slow, too soft, too short, or too long.

Pace your speech. 

If you speak too fast, you’ll sound nervous.

If you speak too slow and too soft, you’ll sound unconfident. 

If you speak too short, it looks like you don’t care. 

If you speak too long, you might risk being off  topic. 

If you don’t speak at all, why bother?

8. Using just one tense and sentence structure

Go ahead, get fancy with those idioms, switch up those tenses, and play with various grammatical structures. 

Show that your English is top notch!

Just remember, it’s all about balance. You want to demonstrate your linguistic talents without going overboard or sacrificing clarity.

9. Being dead inside and showing it!

Turn that frown upside down!

No one wants to chat with a grumpy Gus, so let’s kick that sour expression to the curb and replace it with some genuine (or at least convincing) enthusiasm!

Trust me, showing that you care can make a world of difference!

Don’t forget that your body language matters just as much as what you say!

10. Acting like a zombie

Especially in group interviews, this is crucial.

Make an impression and stand out!

Being prepared is one of the most important elements of standing out in a group interview.

Study the organization and the position, understand how your skills and experiences correspond to their needs, and be prepared to give examples.

Don’t be shy about contributing to the conversation and speaking up.

Avoid fading into the background; now is your chance to stand out and leave a positive impression. Be proactive, stand out, and ace that group interview!


Preparing well for a Zoom job interview is important because it can affect your chances of getting the job. Making a good first impression, anticipating technical difficulties, and clear communication are key. Preparing yourself beforehand will help you feel confident and increase your chances of success.

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Anthony McCormick 

IELC Managing Director